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MOTORUM 2548 / 2558
CNC Servo Motor Driven Ram Turret Punch Press – MOTORUM 2548/2558
  • Process Integration
  • Downward extrusion up to 2mm
  • Servo controlled upward forming
  • In turret bending height as high as 20mm
  • Increased power delivers higher processing stability
  • Servo motor with 25 metric ton punching capacity
  • Increased speed raises productivity
  • Higher auto-index speed, to 180rpm
  • Servo motor driven punch mechanism
  • Ram operation patterns
  • Punch-in, Pull-out type wiedemann tooling
  • Energy conservation & low running cost
  • In turret Bending
  • Forming
  • Tapping
  • High speed auto-index mechanism
  • Faster punching rate, to 400hpm



































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